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NameBlock seamlessly integrates with existing Registrar and Registry systems. Providing and managing domain name blocking has never been this easy.

What Is NameBlock?

NameBlock serves as a robust line of defense in the ever-evolving landscape of the internet. In alliance with domain registrars and registries, we take proactive steps to identify and neutralize malicious domains, even before they become operational.

This holistic, cooperative approach provides an unprecedented level of online security, effectively shielding both businesses and individual users from a variety of common threats. From cybersquatting, phishing schemes, and other types of brand-damaging impersonation, consider your digital environment guarded when you're with NameBlock.

How NameBlock Works

For business end users, NameBlock streamlines the complex process of online brand protection, making it simpler than ever to add a crucial layer of protection around a digital identity and as such also preventing reputational damage to trademarks and intellectual property. With our straightforward solutions, these valuable assets can be effortlessly guarded on the web.

For Registries, integration is a breeze. We offer a variety of options, including a straightforward API that connects your backend service to NameBlock, enabling Registrars and other resellers to offer versatile blocking options across a range of domain extensions.

Similarly, Registrars can conveniently tap into NameBlock's system through an easy-to-use API. This gives you the ability to display available extensions and blocking options right within your standard customer purchase pathway, ensuring a smooth user experience. We also offer a standalone dashboard and manual interaction.


How NameBlock's AbuseShield Prevents DNS Abuse

Abusive registrations is a real threat that affects businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals worldwide. That's why we've developed AbuseShield, a proactive solution to nip this kind of DNS abuse in the bud before it can cause damage.

AbuseShield employs NameBlock's specialized algorithm leveraging years of abuse data history and trends to create an "Abuse Variant List." This list includes variations of a given domain—think common misspellings, abuse suffixes, or visually similar characters—and automatically blocks a number of names within the same TLD as the original domain name registration. The result? A dramatic reduction in the time, money, and effort your anti-abuse teams need to invest in keeping the internet a safer place.

How BrandLock Provides Targeted Protection Across the Web

When it comes to online brand protection, details matter. That's why we created BrandLock—a specialized service that blocks domains identical to your Block Label across one or multiple top-level domains (TLDs).

BrandLock operates under strict guidelines to ensure maximum effectiveness. Block Labels must meet certain criteria, such as character count and formatting, to qualify and is run through several checks before it gets applied. Once activated, any identical domain name searches will result in a straightforward message from Registrars: the domain is simply not available for registration. It's not a premium offering, it's not on the aftermarket; it's exclusively yours, safeguarded by BrandLock.

BrandLock Exact Match Blocking by NameBlock-01.png

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