A marketplace for domain name blocking

What Is NameBlock?

NameBlock is a marketplace for domain name blocking services, founded by industry veterans.

NameBlock integrates with any Registry to enable our blocking services. Contributing to less DNS abuse, while providing increased revenue.

The marketplace is open for and will include existing domain name blocking services.

NameBlock will make it easier for Registrars to include name blocking in their service offering. Providing a significant revenue opportunity.

How NameBlock Works

NameBlock offers an easy, effective, and efficient means of brand protection to secure trademarks and product ideas on the internet.

If you are a Registry there is a simple API integration from your backend service provider into the NameBlock system that enables Registrars to offer blocks across your extensions.

Registrars can easily integrate with NameBlock via an API that allows you to see available extensions and block levels, and offer them in your standard customer purchase flow.


Prevent DNS Abuse Before It Happens

DNS Abuse isn't just an industry buzzword. DNS Abuse affects entrepreneurs, businesses, individuals, and brands around the globe.

Blocking services made by NameBlock uses historic DNS abuse data and variant algorithms, including Homoglyphs. As a result, effectively blocking the most commonly used terms when bad actors register malicious domain names with the intent of phishing, spamming, or proliferating other forms of DNS abuse.

Blocking reduces the time, money, and energy anti-abuse teams spend on keeping the internet safe and secure!

Blocking Categories

NameBlock offers different blocking services

Exact Match Blocking

Blocks domains exactly matching your block label

Variants Blocking

Blocks hundreds to thousands of variants of your block label

Dynamic Blocking

Dynamically updates the blocking list based on Domain Abuse Intelligence

Wildcard Blocking

Block domains with anything to the left and right of your block label


Domain Blocking Marketplace

NameBlock unites the domain industry bringing Registries and Registrars together in an industry - inclusive marketplace that offers Registrants the ability to protect their ideas online across any domain extension.

New Domain Extensions
Country-Code Domain Extensions

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