What Is AbuseShield?

Harnessing the power of NameBlock's advanced algorithm, AbuseShield eliminates the need for manual research by automatically identifying and blocking risky variations of your primary domain name. From homoglyphs to common misspellings and abuse suffixes, AbuseShield covers it all. This provides end-users, registries, and registrars with a turnkey solution for safeguarding their domain, thereby ensuring its security and maintaining a reputable online presence.

AbuseShield prevents abuse before it happens while leaving legitimate domains untouched.

Proactive Defense:

Blocks potentially abusive domain variants before they can be used maliciously.

Intelligent Algorithm:

Utilizes NameBlock's specialized abuse variants algorithm to target only the domain names likely to be used for abuse.

Trademark-Free Protection:

No need for a registered trademark to use AbuseShield; ownership of the block label domain is sufficient thanks to our carefully curated algorithm and exclusion lists.

Zero Interference:

Designed to leave legitimate domains untouched while focusing solely on potentially harmful ones.

Search Clarity:

Makes blocked domains appear as 'unavailable' in Registrar search results, ensuring no chance of purchase or misuse.

What Are The Benefits of Using AbuseShield?

AbuseShield serves as a win-win solution for all stakeholders in the domain ecosystem. Here's how it adds value:


For Registries:

In essence, AbuseShield offers a proactive line of defense against abuse for all involved parties, providing effective protection against common threats while reducing operational costs, creating a revenue opportunity and boosting online safety.


For Registrars:

Managing abusive registrations can be a logistical nightmare, draining both time and resources. AbuseShield streamlines this process by automatically blocking high-risk domains. This proactive approach not only minimizes your exposure to DNS Abuse but also allows you to channel your efforts into creating a more enriching user experience. In the long run, this translates to reduced operational costs and higher customer satisfaction.


For Brand Owners:

In an online landscape rife with threats, protecting your brand is more critical than ever. AbuseShield provides a robust first line of defense by preemptively blocking domain names that could be weaponized against you. This includes domains that might be used for phishing schemes, malware distribution, or other kinds of impersonation and brand damaging activities. As a result, you can maintain a secure and untarnished brand image, while also reducing the time and money typically spent on enforcement.


With AbuseShield, you're not just combating today's digital threats—you're staying one step ahead of tomorrow's.

Our abuse variants algorithm is in a constant state of evolution, adapting to the ever-changing strategies deployed by cybercriminals. This dynamic approach ensures that your brand remains shielded from not just current risks, but future ones as well.