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What Is BrandLock?

BrandLock safeguards your brand online by blocking identical domain names across one or multiple top-level domains. Block Labels must adhere to certain rules, such as avoiding special characters and falling within a 3-63 character length.

Simplified Brand Protection:

BrandLock offers a straightforward way to protect brands by providing the option to blocking identical domain names across a variety of top-level domains.

Exclusive Control:

When a blocked domain is searched for, it's listed as 'unavailable,' indicating that it's securely held and simply not open for registration.

What Are The Benefits of Using BrandLock?

BrandLock offers a robust solution for anyone—whether they have a trademark or not—who wishes to protect an idea or product name online. By preventing the registration of identical domain names across multiple extensions, BrandLock serves as a strong proactive line of defense. for your brand but also significantly reduces risks like cybersquatting and typo-squatting that could compromise your brand's integrity.


Protect Your Idea

BrandLock offers instant block approval for those with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file. For applicants without an SMD, additional verification steps ensure that the block doesn't infringe on existing registered trademarks.



After you've secured your idea or mark with BrandLock, it remains protected as long as you renew it. When you're ready to use the blocked term, you have the flexibility to unblock it across one or multiple domain extensions, putting you in full control of when and how your brand goes live online.


Win-Win Revenue Sharing

For every BrandLock block applied for and approved within their extensions, participating registries earn a share of the revenue. All that's required is a signed NDA to explore this lucrative opportunity further.