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NameBlock lets you easily and efficiently protect your primary domain name, trademark, or brand name from getting abused online using your preferred registrar or our one-stop-shop marketplace.

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What Is Domain Name Blocking?

Domain name blocking differs from regular domain name registrations in a couple of ways:

A blocked domain name cannot be used, i.e. it cannot be used for email, resolve to websites, forwarded etc.

A blocked domain name doesn’t technically “exist” on the internet.

If a blocked domain name is searched for, Registrars will show, in their search results, that the domain is not available. It is not a premium name, it is not on the aftermarket, it is simply not available for registration.

Why Should You Use NameBlock

NameBlock helps end-users reduce the cost of brand reputation management.

How Do You Use NameBlock?

NameBlock will be available at most registrars around the globe.

You can choose between several blocking packages to suit both the width (number of top-level domains covered) and depth (variations of the term) of protection that suits your brand’s needs.

We offer multiple blocking levels, some of which are available during the normal registrar checkout process, similar to an SSL certificate or website hosting; other, more elaborate blocks, will be available directly via

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What are the prices?

Please contact your preferred registrar for current pricing.

Can I get a demo/walk-through of the different blocking options?

For a more in-depth walk-through of NameBlock and its abuse preventative benefits as it relates to your specific brand, we recommend contacting your preferred corporate registrar or brand protection specialist.

Can I customize a package to fit my brand’s needs?

Certainly - for the purposes of more customized blocking options we recommend contacting your preferred corporate registrar or brand protection specialist.

Do I get access to the full list of domains included in my block?


Can I use any of the domains included in my block?

Blocked domains cannot per se be used as they are different from a regular domain name registration. However, if you wish to transform one of the blocked domains in order to be able to use it, this is possible via a so-called “override” at an additional fee. Once an override is done, you’ll be able to use the domain name just as you would any other domain name registration.

Can I transfer a block to a different registrar after it’s been registered?

Although blocks are similar to domain name registrations, they actually live in the NameBlock database. If you are moving domains from one registrar to another please reach out to the registrar directly or email us at [email protected] for assistance.

Do you have any material that I can show to my brand protection team?

Please refer your brand protection team to, or have them contact us at [email protected] with their questions.