Partner with NameBlock: Boost Safety and Revenue

Join NameBlock to enhance your portfolio and add value for your customers. Offer BrandLock and AbuseShield to create a safer internet while increasing your per-customer revenue. Be the change-maker your clients need.


Elevate Your Services with NameBlock

Offer NameBlock's innovative solutions to safeguard your customers' online assets and boost your revenue in one go.


Combat cyber threats by blocking hundreds of domain variants commonly exploited by malicious actors.


Gain precise control by blocking domains that exactly match your Block Label.

Domain Block Marketplace

Expand your offerings with a range of blocking options across hundreds of domain extensions, including country-codes.

How NameBlock Functions: A Quick Overview

NameBlock's suite of blocking services and marketplace is intentionally created to provide easy access to innovative brand protection that is beneficial to all parties - end users, registrars, and registries alike

Focused TLD Protection - BrandLock

BrandLockempowers registrants to secure their digital footprint within a single targeted Top-Level Domain, or across multiple Top-Level Domains (Multiblock).

Dynamic DNS Abuse Data - AbuseShield

Harnessing iQ's comprehensive DNS Abuse data, our machine learning algorithms pinpoint terms most likely to be exploited for malicious activities.

Valuable Domain Registration Spinner

Our algorithm smartly filters out legitimate terms like dictionary words or registered trademarks, so they aren't mistakenly blocked. We also provide a list of these 'unblockable' domains to give end users actionable insights for potential enforcement or registration, ensuring a more targeted approach to brand protection.


Seamless Registrar Integration

Effortlessly incorporate NameBlock into your existing checkout process, offer it as an independent product, or manage it manually through your account team via our intuitive dashboard.

registrar flow.png

Purchase Flow Integration

Using NameBlock's easy-to-implement API, you can offer your customers NameBlock's AbuseShield service in the same flow as they register or renew a domain name. Our API allows you to pass through their domain term and pull examples of what would be blocked, making their purchase decision simple and quick!


Reseller Dashboard

For corporate brand management registrars and boutique resellers offering specialized services, our platform offers a robust wholesale dashboard. This dashboard allows for seamless management of complex blocks, including those requiring validation like BrandLock. End-users can easily select the desired extensions and submit any required trademark documents, while registrars can efficiently oversee multiple blocks across their client portfolios.


Do I need to sign any agreement before I can get started?

You need to sign our NDA so that we can walk you through the payments, levels of blocks, integration steps and more. Contact us via [email protected] to take the next step!

Can we test our connection prior to launch?

Yes! We have a sandbox environment that will allow you to test and check all of your endpoints.

How do I set up an account?

First, you’ll need to sign our NDA and our master agreement to onboard with NameBlock. After that, you can easily access the NameBlock marketplace portal via our web interface, and/or you can integrate with NameBlock via an API that allows you to see available extensions and block levels so that you can offer them in your standard customer purchase flow.

What, if any, registrant verification is required?

The AbuseShield anti-abuse block service offered automatically as part of your regular registration or renewal flow does not require any verification process. For other packages, e.g. BrandLock or customized block packages etc. more traditionally offered by corporate registrars, there will be a standard trademark verification process applied.

Is there a fee schedule or pricing document that I can look at?

We’re happy to send over pricing details - shoot us an email at [email protected] today!

Do you also provide up-sell opportunities for registrars in addition to the block?

Yes! Domain names that are determined as not-blockable by our AbuseShield algorithm (e.g. due to consisting of generic words or similar) will be highlighted and suggested to the registrant as names that they should consider registering. Additionally, a separate list of domain names relevant to the Block Label from a pure brand protection perspective can also be generated by NameBlock and sent to the registrants by the registrar after a completed Anti-Abuse Block purchase.

Who manages support queries from the registrants - NameBlock or my registrar?

Most of the time, support inquiries will be handled at the registrar/reseller level; however, we're here for any additional assistance that you, or your clients, may need!

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